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Cricket Bat Grip Cone
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Prokyde Beta Cricket Bat Grip Cone (Wooden with brass ring, Golden)

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Brand : Prokyde. Product Type : Cricket Bat Cone. Gripper: Wooden. Size : Regular size. Features : Wooden with Brass Base(Golden). Others : specially made to wear Grip on Cricket Bat.


Cricket Bat Cone Gripper: Ideal for fast and easy fitting of rubber grip on cricket bat handle. Cricket bats typically have a rubber grip on the handle to provide a more secure swing when batting. The grip also helps to reduce the shock of the Ball hitting the bat. Because cricket bat grips fit tightly to the bat handle, replacing a worn grip can be challenging. So the Bat Cone Gripper acts as a guide to roll the grip up, and then transfer it to the bat handle where it is rolled. Detailed Procedure: Step 1 - Place your new cricket bat grip down over the applicator cone. Roll the grip up like a donut, working down toward the larger end of the cone. Stop before the donut-shaped grip comes off the cone.Step 2 - Place the larger end of the cone over the end of the cricket bat handle. Roll the grip donut off the applicator cone and onto the bat handle. Remove the applicator cone from the handle end.Step 3 - Roll the grip down the length of the handle until it reaches the junction between the handle and the blade of the bat. Unroll the grip a little and work the grip down until the unrolled portion covers the handle junction.Step 4 - Unroll the remainder of the grip toward the end of the bat handle. Grasp the grip in both hands with the end of the bald pointing downward. Tap the end of the blade on a carpet or other soft surface to adjust the grip on the handle.