Gym Ball With Foot Pump
Gym Ball
Fitness Gym Ball With Foot Pump
Gym Ball
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Prokyde Anti Burst Fitness Gym ball with Foot Pump - Silver

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 prokyde gym ball 55cm silver1 prokyde gym ball 55cm silver2

Thick PVC casing provides optimum puncture resistance

Packed with non-toxic PVC material.Our Exercise Ball is manufactured using gym quality standards, the exercise ball weight: 55cm-800g

Non-slip ribbed body stays put with skin contact

The PVC body has a matte surface with horizontal ribs contoured all around it -- making it easy to hold without slipping while tossing, bouncing or squeezing the ball even with profuse sweat.

 gym ball 55 cm silver


Your perfect companion for yoga exercise and Pilate routines, and is also great for many pregnancy exercises

 prokyde gym ball 55cm silver3 prokyde gym ball 55cm silver4

Improve the balance & exercise your flexibility

Whether used once a day for home workouts, or all day as an office seat, or constantly in a professional gym, the Exercise Stability Ball retains its shape and inflation.

Heavy Duty Anti-burst rating can match any heavyweight

Anti-Burst Tested,Professional grade PVC material, extensive testing, and a unique anti-burst design provides for the highest quality exercise balls available on the market. Every exercise ball can withstand up to a 1cm cut with out explosively or deflating.

 prokyde gym ball 55cm silver7

Lose weight Tone muscles Strengthen your back and reduce back pain
Yoga ball will help you build strength, tone your muscles, greatly increase your flexibility, and also improve your balance.

Anti Burst with foot pump

You can make your workouts fun and exciting with the right kind of training gear. Get yourself the Prokyde Anti Burst Gym Ball and enjoy the benefits of a versatile fitness training device. The anti-burst gym ball is made of highly durable material so you can go ahead and experiment with workout regimes without the worry of hurting yourself. The ball comes with a foot pump which means you can carry the ball anywhere you want and inflate it at will. The gym ball helps you strengthen your core muscles, your back, arms, legs shoulders and abdomen. The ball can be used by both men and women for training purposes.