Top factors to keep in mind while buying Gym & fitness gloves



Everyone desires a fit and healthy body. To achieve this goal many people go to gyms, which are important part of a healthy lifestyle. Gym and fitness activities give you a healthy body for the price of some days of hard work and sweat. Gym and workout need you to use all of your body, but mostly your hands. Be it lifting heavy weights or gripping anything, your hands are always working hard when you do some work in gym. But working too hard and lifting heavy weights can be unfavorable to your hands. Maintaining a tight grip over hard and heavy surfaces puts a lot of stress on your palms. A heavy workout will make your muscles stronger, but it can also make the skin of your hands suffer.


How does heavy workout damages your hands and skin of the palms ?

Heavy workout, lifting weights and working with heavy loads can give you calloused hands. This happens when you are a beginner, your hands get calloused by lifting weights and gripping things strongly. You can get bruises and cuts too, if you are not careful. Overtime, your skin becomes harder and stronger, like your muscles and your body.


 Callouses can also give you a hard time while working out, interfering with not only exercises but also with your day to day routine. They are painful sometimes, but can give you long lasting scars if you pick them by mistake or out of curiosity. It is necessary to take precautions to prevent them and due care of they happen.


The rough and calloused hands are surely a testament to all your hard work, and some people are indeed proud to have it on display. It's a symbol of your strength and toned body. But many people do not find it much preferable over smooth hands. Smooth and gentle hands give the gentleman feel to your personality, which is sabotaged by rough and calloused hands. Rough hands can also give you a lot of problems in day to day life. So, what is the solution? Is there a way you can workout freely and as hard as you want and still have smooth hands? The answer is yes.


How can you avoid getting your hands calloused by doing gym and fitness exercise ? 

If you are worried about your hands getting roughed up by Gym activities, you should try some ways to overcome this problem. You can use wrist wraps, straps or weight belts for this purpose. Wrist wraps are an essential for all heavy lifting where the grip of your hands isn't enough. But another good idea is the use of gym gloves. Gym and fitness gloves are almost an essential item to carry and wear when you start working out. They can provide you with great support and comfort while working hard to build your body. Gym and fitness gloves can prevent any damage to your hands and provide extra grip for heavy lifting. This is a great boost for your workout.


What precautions should be taken while selecting gym and fitness gloves ?

Despite all the advantages they have, using gloves isn't a magical gear that you wear and forget all worries. You need to take some points into consideration before using gym gloves. If you choose the wrong gloves, it can reduce your performance and hence your results. It can hinder the use of proper techniques. The use of gloves that provide unnatural grip can defeat the purpose of exercise if your hands don't get that grip. Many experts suggest not to use gloves casually and not daily. Most often beginners and novices use gloves. If you are committed to long term of lifting, you must accept that some bruises and callouses are inevitable.

 But properly chosen and used gloves can be a blessing for you.


How to buy gym and fitness gloves?

Buying gym gloves isn't a very big or difficult task, but there are some points you should consider. You must always choose good gym gloves with good designs and good material. You should purchase the gloves from a trusted and quality manufacturer.



The use of gym gloves is always a personal choice. There are many arguments about are gloves really better than using bare hands. If you want to purchase gym gloves you need to take care of the points given below :

  • The gloves you wear should be according to the exercise you do. For lightweight lifting and exercise you can use simple gloves, for heavy weights you should always go for padded gloves. There are many types of gloves in the market, from full fingered gloves to gloves that merely cover your fingers. You should choose wisely which one is best for you.


  • The padding should be done strategically so that palm and finger joints receive maximum protection from them. This is to reduce callouses and blisters on the most vulnerable spots. Foam padding or gel padding is more preferred by most people.


  • The gloves should have open fingers. This is important not only because it allows you to feel and grip whatever you are holding, but also because it gives you the correct technique for hook grip. This also makes the gloves breathable for your skin.


  • The type of material used is also important. Leather is the most common material used because it is durable and also gives good support to your hands. Neoprenes are better for people who sweat a lot, as it is both thermal and water resistant. Cotton mesh is also popular as it is breathable for your hands, it is long lasting and sweat resistant. You can also use other variety of materials like rubber, spandex, silicone, etc to see which fits you best.


  • Glove sizing is also a very important parameter. The glove should fit you perfectly. If it is too tight, it may bite your skin. If it is loose, your grip may falter while lighting weights. It is better to buy gloves that have slightly adjustable sizes.


  • Wrist support is vital for a good gym glove. Gloves are used when you lift very heavy weights. Any extra support and protection to the wrists is very convenient. Wrist wraps are added to increase the support to wrists and minimize stress and injury. Wrist wraps come in different sizes and lenghts. A wrist support that is 1-1.5" wide and about 11-12 inches long is ideal. But wrist wraps often reduce the air circulation to the hands.


  • The manufacturing of the gloves should be too class. The stitching should be carefully done and reinforced. It should not cause any form of inconvenience to the user and also be strong enough to last long.


  • The gloves should be washable. Gym gloves are subjected to a lot of sweat. If other people lifting the weights use chalks, that may also make your gloves dirty. In such cases if the gloves are not properly and regularly washed, they can cause infections. Thus, it is important to purchase gloves that are easy to wash and dry. Their quality should not be damaged by it.


  • It is only common sense to not buy goods without a proper guarantee and warranty from the manufacturers. The gloves should come with a performance and durability warranty from the company and also a good consumer support. They should not lose their quality from using them or on washing.


  • Velcro closure ensures giving a snug fit to the gloves. This provides you extra comfort and grip, which is exactly why you need gloves.