Top 20 Workout Ideas For Weight Loss

I have always heard people complaining about their weight right from my childhood. As weight is not connected only with a person's appearance but also with his overall well-being.

Even our daily conversation with a family member, friend or a colleague usually begins with the questioning about their health. It's a habit developed without knowing it's actual importance by us, but not anymore.

Now-a-days, people are getting to know about the importance of health through various platforms.

There are numerous gyms and Zumba classes round the corner of every street to keep yourself fit. However, a lump sum amount is required to be paid along with your valuable time.

It is well said that "the first wealth is health" and people have started to take it seriously these days, which is actually good news.

Points to be noted beforehand:

Gaining weight may occur due to various reasons like lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, type of food intake, lack of proper exercise and many more. So, just workout won't give the desired result.

So, making some alterations to your lifestyle makes a great difference in the long run to your body and savings. These reasons may vary for each one of us. Let's begin with the generic steps.

1.Food timing

Having food every day at the same time makes your digestive system adaptive to the meal timing, which in turn increases the metabolism.

Take some time and analyse your eating pattern. Now, schedule every meal and stick to the routine for a few days. This automatically becomes your habit in some days.

2.Food intake

Next comes the type of food you feed your body. Avoid plant-made food, rather go for plant-based foods. As they are natural and your body will find it easy to burn that extra calories you have gained all these days.

Food plays a crucial role in our well-being so make sure you eat the right food.

3.Excessive munching

Another mistake you may be doing all this while is fuelling your engine whenever you feel like. Try to cut down this extra meal as they slow your digestion process.

I know it's quite difficult to adapt this in the early stage. So, next time you feel like munching something, just gulp a glass of water to avoid the interruption in your digestion process.

4.Regular Exercise

Once you are done with the food plan here comes the forgotten part- Exercise. Our job doesn’t include much physical workout to convert the food we consume into energy.

Thus, your routine must include exercise as this helps in building up your muscles along with conversion of the extra calories into energy. More importantly consistent exercise is must to get the desired output.

5.Sleep Cycle

Once you take care of the food intake and exercise part, falling asleep won’t be a problem anymore. Our body needs rest just like any engine to function properly. Thus, a sleep of 7-8 hours will boost-up your daily activity resulting in the active functioning of the body. This even helps in increasing your brain’s functioning.

Apart from these tips you can try to convert some of your routine into weight loss technique. Taking a lift in a hurry is unavoidable but if you reach your office or home early usage of the staircase will act as a warm up to your entire body.

Take an evening walk to buy your daily grocery to the near-by shop rather than driving. This will also save your fuel and environment.

Just having a cup of warm water soon after waking up becomes helpful in cleansing your bowels in the long run.

Top 20 weight loss workout ideas

This article will help you save some money that you were about to spend over those gyms or Zumba classes. Now, without any more delay let's get into the topic with some simple yet effective steps to reduce our weight.  



You have probably seen people walking every morning in the neighbouring park. Don’t think it as a waste of time. There is plenty of goodness in this simple exercise as you’ll be able to get fresh air along with a healthy heart.

walking for weight loss

It’s considered to be the simplest way to reduce your weight. Moreover, this tops the list of 20 weight loss workout ideas almost everywhere. So, get up early in the morning and start your day with walking. It helps in keeping your heart healthy.

  1. Jogging

It’s an obvious scene in every society to see people with handsfree and jog in the morning. This activates your brain cells from sleep and boosts your level of energy.

jogging for weight loss

So, what are you waiting for!  Go get your jogging shoes ready for tomorrow morning. And don’t forget your handsfree to enjoy the morning exercise.

  1. Running Up Hill

Research has shown that if you run up hill for an hour you’ll be burning 640-945 calories. Isn’t it a great idea without spending your hard-earned money! This makes it's name in the top 20 weight loss workout ideas list.

running up the hill


  1. Yoga


There are lots of benefits of yoga as it helps you be strong both physically and mentally. According to a report it is estimated to burn up to 150 calories if you practice it just for 30 minutes.

yoga for workout

It even helps in cultivating the habit of mindfulness that will definitely help you control the craving for food. 

  1. Cycling


Do you remember the last time you went cycling? It is the easiest way to make your muscles strong. People who use cycles in their routine don’t need much exercise to strengthen their muscles.

cycling for fitness

You can burn up to 840 calories / hour while travelling to your home or office. Make a cycle your new workout partner to have a healthy body! 

  1. Weight training

As per the Harvard Health report a person is capable of burning 112 calories in a time frame of 30 minutes while undergoing weight training.

weight training

If your intention is promoting muscle growth then this will be the perfect one. Apart from muscle growth you’ll be shedding extra calories during and even after the exercise.

  1. Interval training

High Intensity Interval Training are the kind of workouts that sheds more calories in a shorter time frame. However, it requires regular intervals in order to recover from intense workout.

interval training for weight loss

It mainly concentrates on belly fat that leads to numerous chronic ailments. You can apply this to various exercises namely jumping, running and many more.

  1. Swimming


Have you ever noticed the physique of a swimmer? They just look perfect in every outfit and the primary reason for this is regular swimming. It helps in toning their muscles to a great extent along with increasing breath control.

You can reduce up to 233 calories if you allot 30 minutes for swimming in your busy schedule. Moreover, it won’t have much impact over your joints. 

swimming for weight loss

Just give some time to shed some calories by swimming. It’s okay, if you are not an expert. Have fun along with toning your muscles.


Today, it is a rare scenario to see someone choosing stairs over an elevator in the busy lifestyle. Do you remember your school days, when you never got tired of chasing your friend to the second floor! Even if you were panting heavily the energy won’t have exhausted.

stairs climbing for weight loss

However, we have forgotten to use the stairs just to reach a few minutes early and ultimately staking our health. Whenever you get the chance to climb stairs don’t miss it, as it keeps the kid in you alive to lead a healthy life.

A study shows it’s possible to burn 453-675 calories in an hour if you take 77 steps/minute.

  1. Jumping rope

For getting a total body workout this is an excellent tool. Try challenging yourself by doing a continuous jump for 60 seconds. It will be bit difficult at the start but once you start enjoying it’ll be easier than you thought.

skipping for weight loss

Then try the next level by increasing the repeat. Don’t forget to take a 10 seconds pause after every 60 seconds jump.

  1. Pilates

For every beginner weight loss session is considered to be stressful. However, it’ll be an easy-going exercise. It will take just 30 minutes for you to burn nearly 108 calories.

pilates for weight loss

Moreover, you’ll be enjoying the entire session just like a music concert. Another important benefit of it is increasing the flexibility of the body apart from weight loss. With this toning your physique won’t be scary anymore.

  1. Lunges

Forward lunges are a simple yet effective workout for the people planning for weight loss. As there are various muscles included in the entire session.

lunges for weight loss

3 sets with 10 times per side helps you reduce the thigh weight to a greater extent.


Squats are helpful in strengthening your lower body along with burning of calories. It is helpful in improving the body posture.

squats for weight loss

It’ll be beneficial if you do 3 sets of 15 reps.

14.Mountain climbers

 It is considered to be one of the finest workouts for weight loss. As it includes your entire lower body- obliques, butt, thigh, and hamstrings.

mountain climbers

A repeat of 60 seconds for three times is enough in the early stage. Apart from weight loss this build-up strong muscles.

  1. Full body moves

No matter which exercise you are carrying out, ensure your entire body gets into action. As this helps in increasing the number of calories burnt.

You can try swapping triceps dips with biceps curls. The more muscles are used the more calories are considered to be reduced.

  1. Reps

Reps are considered to do miracles if developing muscles is your intention. 8-12 reps per day is considered to be sufficient initially. Its wonders can be felt both in short-term and long-term.


  1. Box jumps

It is considered to be an ideal exercise for sportspersons as it helps them have control in the heart rate. Moreover, if you are running out of time then it’ll be an excellent choice to reduce your weight.

box jump

While doing this you are able to burn fat and tone up your body simultaneously. There is no need to buy any new equipment to do this. So, you will be reducing your weight without reducing your account balance.

  1. Battle Ropes

It is recommended widely as it involves lung- busting finisher, muscle development especially in the forearms, biceps and shoulders. Thus, building your upper body to the finest.

battle rope

All you need for this exercise is rope and something to tie those ropes. That’s it! Now, you are ready for the workout without spending a single penny.

19.Bear crawls

Have you ever thought that crawling like a bear will help you in reducing those extra calories! Just a basic movement may be beneficial in weight loss if done in the right way.

bear crawl

This exercise is famous as this involves the overall endurance of your body starting from strengthening, and improving the muscle of abs, arms, chest, legs and shoulders.

  1. Bench Press

A well-known image of any body-builder that flashes in our mind is either weight lifting or bench press.

It is an ideal exercise for those who are struggling to lose their weight in a healthy manner. It helps in overall build-up of your upper body. All you need is a bench and dumbbell to carry out this exercise. Thus, a budget-friendly exercise for weight loss.

bench press

There may be various techniques in the market to reduce weight instantly, which may lead to adverse negative effects. So, be aware of whatever techniques you are trying. Doing some research before trying something new helps a lot for a better future with a healthy body.

Plan your workout schedule beforehand to avoid waste of time and confusion. Due to the abundance of knowledge present in the digital world.