Fitness Basics For You to Kick Start Your Life

FITNESS means the wellbeing of your whole body. Here whole refers to mentally as well as physically. Both aspects play an important role in living a healthy and normal life.

Now we are going to understand the concept of physical fitness and mental fitness.


This refers to a situation where our body achieves proper nutritional values and doing physical activities without being feeling tired.

Or we can say measuring our body's ability to perform certain functions given to it according to the situation should be done efficiently and effectively.

A fit person can perform his daily activities without any problem. By doing Physical activity in regular basis regulates the good and nice health of a person through entire life in all stages of life. It also improves the living standard of life. Fitness prevents us from many diseases and makes our life easy and enjoyable to live. Our body becomes strong to face any kind of difficulty. So, it is very important to be physically fit. We can do it by doing some of these following activities 

  • By taking walk /jogging
  • By staying active
  • By eating right
  • Avoiding junk
  • Stress management
  • Weight management
  • Swimming


By taking walk/jogging: by taking simple steps not only in the morning but also in the evening for 15 to 30 minutes, we can make our body fully relaxed and in a happier state of mind. Our digestion becomes better to release unwanted fats and toxins from our body. Whereas, jogging helps to boost our immune system and muscles become strong to fight any diseases.


By staying Active:  We can keep our body active by doing exercise, yoga, and meditation and enjoying any kind of sports or dance form that one loves to do.  Feel free to do it feel free to live it happily and enjoy your life to the most. By being active throughout your life you avoid health problems too.


By eating right: Most important part of being fit is eating right. If we eat more fruits and vegetables our immune system becomes more powerful and strong and our body needs not to work more to digest them. Whereas if we eat more burgers, pizzas, fried food our body needs more power to digest them and even this food can harm our body in any manner. So always make the right choice before eating your food. EAT RIGHT THINK RIGHT ACT RIGHT.


Avoiding junk:  Here avoiding junk refers not only to food but also to thoughts that need to be changed according to time that is going to harm your body. Like, going to dieting as dieting reduces nutritional values. People should have a proper knowledge of healthy eating and exercising. Junk here also refers to that food that does not belong to our culture. Our Indian cooking is very rich and very wide which we should definitely explore.


Stress management:  It is very useful in maintaining good health physically and mentally. Fitness belongs to both. It is incomplete with one other. Nowadays stress is becoming a part of the life of a person but it is not good for health so it should be properly maintained by doing yoga and meditation. Exercising daily also reduces stress in life.


Weight management:  Being physically fit and maintaining a healthy life by eating a proper proportion of food or by increasing physical activity level in daily life with proper weight training. We should have weight according to our size and our health depicts how healthy and fit we are. So, it is important to maintain a good level of weight.


Swimming: It is one of the best exercises to keep a person healthy. It involves whole-body movement, increases blood flow in the whole body which keeps our heart healthy. It is one of the best of the best to reduce weight also as it involves the movement of the whole body and circulation of blood to the whole body.

There are many more factors or activities which you can do to be physically fit. Now we will understand the concept of mental fitness.


This refers to a state of feeling positively in every situation. It is a situation of a person where he or she feels likes a sense of optimistic approach towards daily activities, thinking, and act according to it, which improves their ability to enjoy life.

So, when your mental level or you can say your stress level is down in body your body nutritional value increases.

Mental and physical fitness is necessary not only for the body but for your society and your culture. The more you do physical exercise the more u get your brain sharp.

Nowadays, fitness becomes a new SUCCESS MANTRA in life. We all want a nicely shaped body with a healthy mind but nobody wants to work to achieve it. Nobody wants to exercise or wants to go to the gym or avoid junk food.

Staying fit in today's world is a necessity. Many people suffer from “anxiety, stress, mood swing and depression“ because of fast changes in life and making no time to exercise or yoga.

Mental peace can be achieved through some of these activities

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Reading books
  • Playing games
  • Content writing
  • Positive attitude
  • Exercise
  • Make a new hobby


DEEP breathing: The best way to have an excellent state of mind.  It quickly makes u calm and stress-free. Deep breathing helps the person to control the emotions in any situation he or she faces which helps them in taking better decisions correctly. So, when u get nervous start deep breathing.

Meditation: doing meditation relaxes not only the mind but also the whole body as it reduces the stress level in the body. Meditation will truly calm the mind, fill the heart with joy and bring peace to the soul throughout life. It is used as the best medicine for stress management.

Reading books: it is the finest way to keep mind healthy and innovative. Book reading habit makes a person’s life mentally peacefully. It diverts the mind from all happening and mishappening of one’s life so one can feel relaxing and think positively towards life.

Playing games: Play what you like to play the most whether it's outdoor or indoor. Games include both physical and mental activity. Games help to learn new ways to solve the puzzles and find the solutions to the questions which make the brain muscles stronger and by playing sports we help our body to be physically fit.

Writing good qualities: everyone has good or bad qualities but you should know about your good qualities that what good possess in you which feels good about you .try to appreciate yourself in any manner you can .and say you can always need not be making everyone happy. make yourself happy feel happiness.

Positive attitude: Always have a positive attitude there is nothing like good or bad but other thinking makes it. There is a great saying “A positive attitude is a person’s passport to a better tomorrow. A positive person is always happy in every situation of life and a negative person feels bad in every situation and reacts likewise.

Exercise: doing any type of physical activity like jogging, walking, dancing, playing is exercise. and they should be done on a regular basis. Exercise make a person’s life more active and easier to live. It helps to improve your mental and physical health and make your mood happy .by staying active through your life there is an increase in chances of longer life.

Make a new hobby: make time to learn something new interesting happening around you. Develop new skills to enhance your knowledge set new goals in life and stays motivated to do a thing that makes you happy. Keep a track of activity done by you. Buy fitness tracker, etc. These small changes in life give big results.


We all know maintaining a good mental and physical health comprises in total fitness of a body. Instead of sitting down and watching television and eating rubbish, take a walk or go for jogging with friends and take all the benefits of the nature that surrounds you.

Change your eating habits by choosing the right, do not eat any toxics and push your stomach to digest it. Remove unwanted substances from your body that can harm your organs.

Fitness means eating right, making right, thinking in the right manner and staying active.

By bringing these changes in your daily routine you can make your life more easy, healthy and happy to live. Your life becomes socially, mentally, physically more fit.

There are many things in this world that may be used to engage in making our life better and living a worthwhile life. It only depends on us how we choose it. Being fit in life depends only on us. Nobody can make us fit and we can make nobody fit only we can work for ourselves, so let’s start a new phase of life being fit in every manner in every situation. Only we can make our body as we want to make it feel positive and do regular practice of keeping yourself affirm. Leave your past guys to start a new beginning with a new you. Be happy feel happy make others happy.