Boxing workouts for your fitness

People nowadays are very cautious about health. Being fit is everyone's desire. May different type of fitness programs are there. Fitness not only means gym or playing sports. In gym you spend hours doing cardio and strength exercises. But what if there is a workout that focuses on both. One such fitness program is boxing based workouts. According to a survey nowadays many people are turning towards boxing based fitness programs.

Boxing is an ancient sport. It is a form of Martial Arts. It was started with objective of self defense. Nowadays boxing has risen as a core fitness exercise. Boxing is not only for professionals. Everybody should do these workouts based on boxing. You will experience various benefits. As per a study boxing based workouts are more efficient than doing exercises at gym. It is equally good like swimming.

People following boxing as a part of fitness regime were found to be more energetic. They are more explosive in quick movements. Also these workouts focus your endurance, balance. You will have a better hand eye coordination. You will enjoy life better emotionally and mentally. If you want to do cardio, treadmills are the first choice. You use barbells and dumbbells for weight training. Boxing helps you with both. It reinforces your muscles. You also feel positivity in life.

There are different kinds of boxing workouts. You can add these workouts in your fitness regime.

  1. Shadow boxing workout:

Shadowboxing helps you to mater your strikes. You will learn punching technique. It will also help you to learn combination of punches.

  • Jab: It is speedy punch by forward hands. If you are righty use left. If you are a southpaw use right hand punch.
  • Cross: It is a punch over your body. For cross you should use your back hand. If you are a southpaw use left hand punch. If you are a righty you need to use right hand.
  • Hook: Hook is a broad strike. In hook you may use any hand punching over the body.
  • Uppercut: In uppercut you use punch in upward direction. In it you use power of your lower body. This power is transferred to the punch.

boxing workout

You should do shadowboxing for 30 seconds- 1 minute rounds. Try to use combination of all punch. You can also hold 2.5 kg weight to increase difficulty level. Carry on this for 3-5 rounds. Rest is also important in between. A rest of 1 minute between two rounds is good for you.

  1. Speed and Power Circuit Workout:

To get fit you require doing more than shadowboxing. Speed and Power circuit workout can give you best results. It includes a rope, pummel ball, speed stepping stool, and box. This workout increases your endurance, strength and balance. It also increases the explosiveness in you. It pushes your fitness to a higher level. The exercise round include:

  • Skipping Rope jumping: 60 seconds
  • Stepping stool Drill: 60 seconds
  • Overhead Ball Slam: 10 repetitions
  • Exercise of Box Jump: 10 repetitions
  • Shadowboxing: 90 seconds at high pace

You need to do this work out in 3-5 rounds. A rest of 2 minute is good for your body between two rounds.

  1. Power Punch workout

This is a strong workout. It is used by UFC and Martial Arts athlete. You should properly warm up before this workout. This workout helps to increase your speed, explosiveness. You will develop power by power punch workout. It tones and leans your muscles. It fabricates your mental and physical persistence. You should set duration of 3 minutes for each round. The punching round is of rounds. It is as follows:

  • Warm up round. Strike the punching bag with half of intensity. You should use combination of different punches.
  • 2nd round: Increase to original capacity. Now start with jabs.
  • 3rd round: Jab followed by cross. Repeat this in 3rd round.
  • 4th round: Jab, cross and hook on repeat. Perform this combination for 3 minutes
  • 5th round: Add uppercut in this round.
  • 6th round: Jab, cross, hook, uppercut and last body punch. You should do this round with all intensity. Try to be swift on movements.

 boxing fitness workouts

  1. Jumping rope and Heavy bag workout:

Jumping rope helps you to tone muscles. It is the best form of cardio and an aerobic exercise. This workout routine will help you to gain strength, endurance. It also helps you to reduce fat. This workout will improve your quickness and agility. There are different jumping ropes techniques.

  • Running at a place: This is the basic and easy jumping exercise for you. In this jumping exercise you need to be at one place.
  • Double Under: In every jump you need to make two turns of the skipping rope. It is a difficult jumping exercise. You should try this only after mastering in simple skipping.
  • Criss-Cross: This is a very stylish and challenging jumping exercise. In it you need to cross the arms on the descending swing. On next swing uncross the arms. Repeat this exercise in synchronized motion.

Heavy punching bag is the second part of this workout. You need to use your boxing technique. Always try to use the combination of punches. The heavy bag punching gives you the strength and balance. Use jabs, hooks, uppercut and cross punches in different patterns.

The complete workout is very intensive training. You can mix the heavy bag punching along with skipping. First do the skipping for 2-3 minutes. Follow by punching heavy bag for another 2-3 minutes. This workout increases your balance, stamina, strength. It is a complete fitness workout that targets your each muscle. It also improves your positioning and hand eye coordination.

  1. Strength body workout:

It is most challenging fitness program that includes boxing. Generally professional athletes follow this program. In it you use dumbbells for crosses and jabs. The workout also includes squats. Squats give strength to lower body. You also need to do weight training. Boxing with weight promotes your strength. You don’t need to follow any separate cardio program. This workout focuses on both slow and fast twitch muscles.

You may use shadowboxing or heavy punch bag. Heavy Punch bag are more effective for your body. They provide resistance and helps in muscle development. You should never exaggerate while doing on heavy punch bags. Maintain your grip firmly. Always use hand wraps and proper gloves. It will protect your wrists.

The workout plan is as:

  • Boxing session: 20 minutes ( In shadowboxing use dumbbells)
  • Weight training exercise: 10 minutes
  • Lower body strengthening: 25 Squats, 25 calf rises.
  • Core strengthening: 1-2 minutes plank, 25 pushups.

boxing workouts and training

You can experience various benefits after including boxing in your fitness regime.

  • Boxing is more than just punching. It is a cardio practice. It helps the cardiovascular system. It increases your breathing capacity. In boxing so many muscles function together. It is a good exercise for your muscles. Boxing maintains your blood pressure. It is also very effective against any heart disease. If you regularly do boxing based workouts you'll remain fit. You will stay away from heart disease. You can also cure diabetes by boxing.


  • Boxing is very effective if you want to lose fat. In a one hour session of heavy bag boxing you will lose 500-700 calories. It helps you to maintain good health. This ensures prosperity. By this fitness workout you can build muscle. It will consume fat which will help you to trim fat from your waistline. No doubt boxing is a perfect mix of strength exercise and cardio. Your metabolism increase and this reduces fat.


  • Improved Endurance: You improve endurance with boxing. The fitness program strengthens your heart. The heart pumps more oxygen and blood to muscles. It increases your persistence. You feel less tired and your stamina increases.


  • Boxing is an ideal exercise to build strong and healthy muscles. It encourages you to tone your body. You also get the explosiveness and quickness in your movement. Boxing is a full body workout. It focuses both your upper and lower body. With overall health there is also increase in the quality of your lifestyle. You always feel energetic.


  • Boxing as a part of fitness regime will tire you in starting. You will feel exhausted. This will push you to your extreme limits. It inculcates a champion mentality in a person. You feel more confident. It ensures your mental wellbeing. Boxing ensures you are positively inspired. You feel relaxed after your boxing fitness session. It is the best way to relief stress. As per research during boxing your body produces serotonin. It is a chemical which makes you feel relax. This chemical also lowers any stress, anxiety and enhances your mood.



  • Boxing fitness programs helps you to increase your stability. It also increases your focus and balance. Your movements are in coordination. The hand eye coordination is highly benefited. Adding speed bags exercise will increase your coordination to another level.